Christopher Walker

is an Associate Professor of Dance and the Artistic Director of the First Wave program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also a choreographer and dancer with the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica, and Co-founder/Artistic Director of NuMoRune Collaborative— an ensemble of dancers, choreographers, storytellers and musicians, who come together under a united artistic vision to create collaborative works. He is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards including the New York-Thayer Fellowship, GOJ PM Award, and was most recently awarded the prestigious UW-Madison Romnes Fellowship. In February 2014, Walker was selected to present the an- nual Philip Sherlock Lecture in Kingston, Jamaica and recently along with Assistant Professor Monika Lawrence and the National Dance Theater Company of Jamaica, presented a lecture performance titled “Nettleford’s NDTC: Folk Origins and Contemporary Aesthetics”during the Rex Nettleford Arts Conference, October 14-17, 2015 in Kingston, Jamaica. The presentation deconstructed the contem- porizing processes in Nettleford’s works, which were set on the National Theater Dance Company (NDTC) for over 50 years since Jamaica’s independence. In addition to his panel presentation, Walker served as rehearsal director for Nettleford’s seminal work “Gerrehbenta,”— an ode to two traditional rites in Jamaica — which was performed by the National Dance Theater Company (NDTC) for the con- ference’s opening concert. Walker has shown excerpts of his research Facing Home (A Phobia) in cities nationally and internationaly including New York, Toronto, Kingston (Jamaica), and Chicago among others. “FACING HOME: Love & Redemption”choreographed in collaboration with Kevin A. Ormsby has been KasheDance’s  most popular production; touring North America and the Caribbean. Walker’s performance of   his mythical, subversive ‘mas’ character ‘JusLuv’ has been a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as part of Laura An- derson Barbata’s Project Indigo, featuring the Brooklyn Jumbies and Jarana Beat.