Contemporary, artistic traditions rooted in the African Diaspora. Indeed we all breathe, feel, dance.

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Contemporary, artistic traditions  rooted in the African Diaspora. Indeed we all breathe, feel, dance.

Our Creative Process

We Engage and Create Within A 3 Step CRP System

KasheDance explore and abstract using the CRP forms and Pan-Africanist based movement to help facilitate a multidisciplinary approach; finding inspiration from visual arts, music, mixed media and spoken word.  Our dancers are diverse in ethnicity, technique and artistic practice.  KasheDance is creatively and socially curious about how dance can fuel focused and progressive conversations around our practice? Situate people and audiences in a cross-cultural  engagement steeped in local and international experiences. This we feel will offer renewing cultural potential and creative building the continued networks in and outside of the  Arts.

Giving a voice to the realities of Diasporic experiences.

Dance is universal; we all breathe, feel and dance to experience a heightened sense of awareness of self and of our environment. This creative practice based on a pedagogy of traditional and contemporary Diasporic languages (“KasheDanTek”) has helped the company build an audience, connect to established artists and performance opportunities in Canada, the US and the Caribbean, and earn grant revenue at all levels of government.

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