KasheDance echoes in a new genealogy of Afro-contemporary dance

Founded in 2009, KasheDance is an Afro-Contemporary dance company with roots in Toronto and branches connecting it to the United States and the Caribbean. The company is unique in Canada in its use of the Critical Response Process to create, research and present dances that give voice to the realities of African Diasporic experiences.


The Company

2022 – 2023 Season

Guest Artist

Artistic Team

Creative Team

Video / Photo / Digital


In the ebb and flow of artistic traditions, we aim to:

  • This creative practice based on a pedagogy of traditional and
  • contemporary Diasporic languages (“KasheDanTech”) has helped the company
  • build an audience, connect to established artists and performance opportunities
  • in Canada, the US and the Caribbean, and earn grant revenue at all levels of
  • government.

“ Traditional and modern dance from Africa
and the Caribbean merge seemlessly with
elements of classical ballet in pieces that
are fresh and vibrant ”

Anya Wassenburg