Atri Nundy

Mid-career dance artist, educator and choreographer, completed her arangetram (graduation) in 2005 after years of continuing her passion for dance molded  through learning Bharatanatyam at Sampradaya Dance Academy under the tutelage of  Lata Pada CM. Nundy continues to work as a Company dancer /  choreographer and teacher at Sampradaya Dance Academy. She has toured extensively in India, Indonesia, UK and the Caribbean. Technically diverse in her training,  Atri professional practice includes work in a variety  of  contemporary practices.  With this  training she has performed with many  company’s in Toronto  including KasheDance, Novadance  and Ronald Taylor  Dance. Commissioned by Anadam DanceTheatre  where she  also  works as  a dancer, she is in the process of creating her first ensemble work, Mindful Chatter while working  with  seminal choreographer Padmini Chettur’s in her newest work Chalking, set to premiere and tour internationally in 2021/2022.